conGratulatioN you've discoverEd one of My sEcrets, but Is it the last one ?

A bit of our History

Vamp Lady really got shape by the end of 2022, following some major crises and reflection about humanity.

« In fact, the real birth of Vamp Lady really happened when I became a vampire of course, it was a few years ago, I don’t remember precisely, it was around 17 or 18… At that time I was preparing Vamp Lady without really knowing what was going on. »

The band started with the idea of awakening humanity to every problem it goes trough, and Artemis wanted to built it alone first. Her Idea was to prove to herself what she was capable of, and maybe, convince talent musicians to share her vision.

Vamp Lady is also based on vampire aesthetic, it has always meant to become a great show with the idea of taking your experience in a concert to another level, bring back the story telling on stage.

Vamp Lady is still a young project with a lot to achieve, but we have the ambition to bring something to this world. Something everyone forgot how important it was...

Let's begin this journey together !

Our actual members

"Vamp Lady is more like a family or a clan than a band, we all follow the same purposes, and we feel home together." Artemis.
Artemis de Clair-Satin
Head of composing, story telling, and a lot of -ing things...
Put milk before muesli and loves pineapple on her pizza
Maybe You ?
Wanted for drumming and help composing drums
Maybe You
Wanted for bassing and help composing bass
Maybe You
Wanted for riffing and help composing guitar